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SBD Remote

This year because of hurricane Maria I had to forcibly make the decision to move out of PR. This made a severe dent on my ability to work in PR with my former employer or rely on my usual contacts, however, I was blessed enough to be able to work remotely with Solutions by Design. I used to work with them and have kept contact for many years.

Usually we do consulting and design for government or private clients.

I'm proud to have been working in many of our island's public service's pages, their design and the development behind some or all of the applications that make them work(mostly made with Wordpress and custom design and coding by our team).

I was able to participate in the design and see the progress of a project for a back to school program sponsored by the Canovanas Municipality and several other agencies.

Here are some pictures of that specific project as it developed from concept to reality. Initial concept. 3d test of location. Work at location. More Work at locat…
Recent posts

Personal app for kids.

I usually post here works I've done for others, however, I'm making a real nice app for kids.

I'm taking my time making it right and cleaning up details one by one but the sum of it is it's an activity app with 3 basic but entertaining and repeatable activities.

Here are some screenshots. It's a work in progress but I'll make this a finished product soon.

 It's based on a "farm" and helping the farmers with some basic chores.  Chores include matching shapes and colors. The shapes and the colors are random so every
 time it will be different. The app includes a memory a shapes/color match and a coloring book with images specially made for the app.
The memory game has 3 skill levels increasing the ammount of cards. Placement is also random every time.
The game is based on re-playability and short bursts of play.

I'll add the finished product's link as soon as the product is finished.

Some works while at

Here I'll be adding some of the work I've finished while at

I'm working in the interactive department as their web architect. Amount the responsibilities I have of maintaining the web applications and sites I have to develop new site scripts, some interactive applications and, in some cases games.

WBC webpage project for

Made a wordpress theme template modifications.Added some external data integrations (json and xml)Kept the site up and running with the most recent data until the WBC 2017 ended.Made some modifications so that those interested could see the historical data.Managed the site and the implemented widgets so that they adjusted to the responsive layout.
Several scripts integrations

I managed to integrate several scripts that were needed into the main website design. Custom script solutions were created and implemented into the site so that they worked with Its overall look.I also took some ideas and scripting I've developed over the years and int…

Some projects for SBD while I was still there.

Here I'll add some images and information about some projects I worked on while at SBD.

Aside from working with their webpage, optimization and programming I was part of several other projects that varied in difficulty and proved challenging either because of the time they needed to be completed on or due to some complexity that added to the usually short time frame made them rather difficult.

Political promotional material concepts and design:

This is one of many projects that required me to work on political campaign graphic design. The challenge here mainly being that I'm a completely apolitical person and it tends to go against my nature to actually help such efforts. My professionalism and my conscience were constantly at odds on these projects because as a professional I like to make quality products that take the message and gets it to the people however as a person I am completely against political campaigns and how they are aimed at manipulating the ideals and minds of…

New webpage for SBD

I recently switched working places and re-joined a company I've known for over 10 years. I've been harrasing them to make a new webpage since their old one was quite outdated. After joining them again and a few projects we finally had some time to work on the page design. Here's a sample image of the change. On the left you can see the previous incarnation of the page. An outdated design with hard to update methods and rough graphics. The new one is using wordpress as a CMS and has a very flexible base template we purchased called Affinity. Of course being who and how I am I couldn't just leave the default styles alone so I messed with the whole colors, the backgrounds, generated tons of images and added a little more pizzazz with the help of animate.css so that the page content is not static and boring but responsive and dynamic. I will be tweaking the thing a lot more in the next few days by adding a map to the contact area and probably a form for contacting us inste…

Team Docusign Training

This is a short form training I gave to a small group of teammates that are going to be working with the Docusign service we use at our institution. The training was quick and to the point and it focused on how to upload, edit and send documents using the platform. I also added some best practices and at the end I stayed with the managers so to explain and Identify the different challenges they will be facing when sharing the service among some related departments that will be providing service to our students.

As to why am I dressed preety... well I take pride in giving a good training and it helps give the message that this is serious business and it merits dressing-up for it. Plus I make this look good :)

Some numbers taken from the evaluation charts. I do wish some of the people that couldn't come did come... most of them really needed it.
Oh well... it probably means I'll have to eventually give another one.

9th SUAGM congress conference at Caribe Hilton

Last Saturday, I was blessed to be able to participate in this congress. I learned a lot when working for SUAGM, and it’s only fair to give back some of that knowledge to the educational community, even if I work for a competitor University, the main goal is to educate. I also had the chance to share some information about Copyrights in the instructional and graphic design field.

My participation was focused on the US Copyrights and its implication on course graphic design. It included some examples, a simple plea to the conscience of the educators to properly ask for permission to use content, and an explanation on how to obtain the proper licenses to enrich their courses without putting themselves or their institutions in legal jeopardy. All in all, it was a great experience! I was able to be part of a great team of professionals each with their own expertise and background in the field. My background flows along the lines of my own research as a designer, artist and educator: ensu…