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Miami Florida NUC-Online Promotions

I made the design for the promotions now running in Miami FL.
So far they look very nice and the printers made a great job with the matching of the design and the colors. I wish the picture sent to me was better lit or from a few more angles though hahah... oh well I know how it's supposed to look like. Now if I could get my hands on one of the actual brochures for my portfolio it would be awesome. :)
Here are some of the Banners Used for the FL promotions.

This was used on some Nice T-shirts.

What? More work!!! Heck yes!

I've been working hard on the current institution I'm in. Many promotional banners and gimmicks and web-modifications and designs among other things. Many of this works are kind of blue ... I've got nothing in favor or against the color it's one of the main institutional colors and I kind of have to keep the "feel" for branding reasons.

Some promotional Brochure Design ... Barn door opening.  Triptic Banner Design for our FL incursion. A Template for multiple promotional emails for our leads and student support.

Illustration and design for an institutionally hosted art expo.