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Some projects for SBD while I was still there.

Here I'll add some images and information about some projects I worked on while at SBD.

Aside from working with their webpage, optimization and programming I was part of several other projects that varied in difficulty and proved challenging either because of the time they needed to be completed on or due to some complexity that added to the usually short time frame made them rather difficult.

Political promotional material concepts and design:

This is one of many projects that required me to work on political campaign graphic design. The challenge here mainly being that I'm a completely apolitical person and it tends to go against my nature to actually help such efforts. My professionalism and my conscience were constantly at odds on these projects because as a professional I like to make quality products that take the message and gets it to the people however as a person I am completely against political campaigns and how they are aimed at manipulating the ideals and minds of…