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There is no impossible just highly improbable or better yet... Dude! Wheres my flying car?

by Juan C. Pena on Monday, April 11, 2011 at 4:06pm A long time ago I herd a speech that stated that there's nothing impossible just highly improbable. I pondered the meaning of those words in my own field (Art - Education - Computers) One day I found myself watching a cartoon episode of the Jetsons and had the speech still lingering in my head. Shortly after while driving on a ridiculous traffic jam I said to myself... Dude!!! Where's my flying car!!!
It became painfully evident that this is 11 years past the year 2000 (which many movies and series depicted as this ultra advanced future) and still no publicly available flying cars. Do we lack the technology for it? ... hmm... possibly... I'm certain we do have enough tech for at least some form of flying car or at least a fully electric one... oh wait there's the Tesla(which is awesome but still pricey) never mind that one. Who cares right we want flying cars... however what does a flying c…

Joomla NUC|Online Website Design

This is the NUC|Online Website design. It's based on JSN Epic.-Pro template. With several customizations made by hand (Graphics, backgrounds, special positions and icon menus, not to mention the removal of their flash based image rotators for a more "friendly" CSS and JQuery version that is compatible with iPad and other like devices, it even has an iPhone andmobile device layout thanx to the JSN people including this functionality which looks awesome with my icon menu.)

Herramientas para todos

Por: Juan C. Peña Martínez{This is one of the articles I made for the newsletter it generally talks about the design improvements and tools I added to the online team's websites}

La implementación de herramientas y funcionalidades nuevas permite que se logren las metas y se provea soporte adicional a nuestra comunidad. Constantemente se está investigando e implementando nueva tecnología a nuestras páginas. Las modificaciones y arreglos que se integran responden directamente a las necesidades e inquietudes de nuestra comunidad (Facultad y Estudiantes). Esta línea de soporte adicional usualmente se ve cuando una persona tiene la necesidad y se da cuenta que la herramienta para su solución ya está implementada en la página que visita con tanta frecuencia.Se ha creado este tema para ayudar a identificar y mostrar estas herramientas nuevas y estos cambios de importancia. Los cambios en tecnología son súbitos y acelerados y es nuestra meta el proveer …