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Personal app for kids.

I usually post here works I've done for others, however, I'm making a real nice app for kids.

I'm taking my time making it right and cleaning up details one by one but the sum of it is it's an activity app with 3 basic but entertaining and repeatable activities.

Here are some screenshots. It's a work in progress but I'll make this a finished product soon.

 It's based on a "farm" and helping the farmers with some basic chores.  Chores include matching shapes and colors. The shapes and the colors are random so every
 time it will be different. The app includes a memory a shapes/color match and a coloring book with images specially made for the app.
The memory game has 3 skill levels increasing the ammount of cards. Placement is also random every time.
The game is based on re-playability and short bursts of play.

I'll add the finished product's link as soon as the product is finished.