There is no impossible just highly improbable or better yet... Dude! Wheres my flying car?

by Juan C. Pena on Monday, April 11, 2011 at 4:06pm
A long time ago I herd a speech that stated that there's nothing impossible just highly improbable. I pondered the meaning of those words in my own field (Art - Education - Computers) One day I found myself watching a cartoon episode of the Jetsons and had the speech still lingering in my head. Shortly after while driving on a ridiculous traffic jam I said to myself... Dude!!! Where's my flying car!!!
It became painfully evident that this is 11 years past the year 2000 (which many movies and series depicted as this ultra advanced future) and still no publicly available flying cars. Do we lack the technology for it? ... hmm... possibly... I'm certain we do have enough tech for at least some form of flying car or at least a fully electric one... oh wait there's the Tesla(which is awesome but still pricey) never mind that one. Who cares right we want flying cars... however what does a flying car mean to us the common users?
Traffic jams in the sky, air crashes that end up in gravity based secondary crashes ... kind of scary. People required to take flying lessons, flying licenses and hopefully a checkup or two along a period of time to ensure the person is still able to fly it... unless they're automated which still leave a bunch of questions in the air.
So, how are we to solve this economic crisis? When are we getting the flying cars? Why are the students able to read 500 pages of facebook and not able to read 3 pages of a real book? I kept musing and thinking and my mind working in its abstract form came to realize we have too many distraction and frankly our education is not the best. Education is something that never stops, most of our students just jump in the " oh when I finish high school ill go work" or worse wagon. Individual issues aside, most of our educators are still living in the 40's (at least locally) and struggle with the constant bombardment of new technology. Those managing the education centers believe that eradicating access to social media will ensure the "proper use" of the "educational technology tools" they have setup.
I just wanna smack educators when I hear them say "I won't allow any quotes or citations from Wikipedia because its not trustworthy" to which I reply "and a thousand(or two) year old compendium of multiple publicly available pamphlets and letters selected by a king and the religious leaders of an era where people would kill each other because of a difference of opinion with clubs and swords IS...?" Because we all know it, we were there right? ... with a smirk and a wink. Hey I'm just saying... and I know some people don't trust the info on Wikipedia either but I know for a fact that they check up on their information and put little tags about the matters being discussed and tweaked and cleaned up ... they are paying attention to it. It may take some time to get all the facts right but he who is without sin can try and trow the first stone here... I happen to have quite a few boulders for ye. I don't want this to turn into a religious bashing or inquisition so just take that as an example of what we are walling to believe in and what we are shedding doubts on proportionally.
Back from digression land... Where's our flying cars?, Why are we paying electricity TWICE in our bills? (yes twice because we pay for the KWats we use and we are paying for the gas they're using to produce the energy consumption we are already paying for)
Why? Because the people in charge don't want us to... simple as that. We've given our decision making to them and they decide to flip us off and do whatever they want. Because the companies in charge are making millions of dollars daily from our hides and the use we give to fossil fuels. Because its more expensive to buy a Hybrid than it is to buy a regular fuel drinking car. Because when in the Engineering schools someone comes up with the better electric motor that goes from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds they go an buy off the motor from the poor-now-rich-and-soul-less person and then vault it so that it doesn't come to market in at least 20 more years instead of developing it right away and out selling their competitors. Among other many reasons each of which will sound probably more like a conspiracy theory than the previous one.
True reason... Created interests, and Greed.
So where is it then? My flying car is still in the vault waiting for revision... and were already 11 years overdue...
About robots and mechas and other tech... well I'll leave that for another ramble. Try and think a little, look around you, don't get so involved in the game that you end up loosing the sight of the true goal. Making this a better world for all of us... not just for a few.


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