9th SUAGM congress conference at Caribe Hilton

Last Saturday, I was blessed to be able to participate in this congress. I learned a lot when working for SUAGM, and it’s only fair to give back some of that knowledge to the educational community, even if I work for a competitor University, the main goal is to educate. I also had the chance to share some information about Copyrights in the instructional and graphic design field.

My participation was focused on the US Copyrights and its implication on course graphic design. It included some examples, a simple plea to the conscience of the educators to properly ask for permission to use content, and an explanation on how to obtain the proper licenses to enrich their courses without putting themselves or their institutions in legal jeopardy. All in all, it was a great experience! I was able to be part of a great team of professionals each with their own expertise and background in the field. My background flows along the lines of my own research as a designer, artist and educator: ensure that my work is not only compliant with the law, but also protected by it.

Here are some pictures of the presentation:

The auditory was filled with many educators from different fields. At one point there were people standing because there was no more space.

That's me! Yes, I'm wearing a suit :) and I make it look good! Here I was explaining about the different licenses available, and how they differ from one another. I was also taking questions with my awesome finger gun. **pew pew**

This specific conference had 3 speakers, each an expert on their field with great passion for their profession.

From left to right:

Manuel Carrión (Instructional Content Editor), Bessie Rivera (Instructional Designer), Juan C. Peña (Graphic Designer).

This is me posing on the suit because it's a rare sight, and one worthy of keeping in the annals of history.  :)


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