Google and the final frontier:

Space, the final frontier... these are the goals of a great company, to seek out new ways to do your computing, to seek out new ways for our civilization to boldly go wherever they want to go.
Or, something like that...

Google has been helping users cast out the limitations of computers and porting most of the data and programs to the "cloud". Finding new freedom and new ways to interact while not worrying that the computer will be afflicted by lack of space since the important documents and files will be hosted, accessible and available in any and all devices capable of accessing the internet.

Before They had added the Notebook(now unsupported though I still use it to write my stuff), The Google Docs, along with their whole "Office Like" program set which adds extra capabilities like multiple sharing, turning the documents into web pages directly and multiple "working" on the same document that lets teams work on concepts and projects.

They developed their Android OS and integrated it to their infrastructure to create a pretty solid system in which the user has little worry about where the document was or if it gets lost or if his hard drive dies because its all in the clouds.

They integrated speech to text technology to ease the pains of our aching joints and simplify the process of jotting notes for us the "lazy ones" who are full of ideas but have "no time" to jot them down into cohesive concepts and documents.

Also they are offering an onslaught of technologies like Google Powered TV's , Chrome OS laptops and other such products. Most of this technology if not "freely available" still costs a fraction of what we are used to seeing in the market.

It makes the geeky-ness rise a little with the similitude with Star Trek technology, tablets that wrote our stuff for us, with the knowledge of whole worlds available at the touch of a screen or the sound of our voice, wireless communication that can share different format media and "understand" it, multilingual translation, GPS and much more. Albeit I do not discount the strong influence of apple and the now diseased Steve Jobs, who dared to think different, in this process. He who denies his influence shall be burned on the stake. However Google chose a different path, open source it and open end it... make it the people's and the people will follow, and so they have.

Then there is Google+, an interesting "attempt at face-booking Google?" I say there is much more to it than that description can ever say. It integrates the greatness of "social networking" and their own "everything for everyone everywhere" Philosophy at least in this humble viewer's eyes.

Don't take me wrong, there is much to still worry about like security issues, safety, and the impact on cumming technology... however WHY focus on the possible negatives when there's so many possible positives.

Consider this:

  • A doctor with a handheld device is able to access complete medical databases with one "search" and able to come up with possible solutions for a problem... including treatments that when he/she was in school were not even available in fact when the books they use for reference were printed were not even thought of.
  • A Parent is able to access similar information to treat his child's illness or injury while the proper medical teams are made available.
  • A cook or a housewife have access to millions of delicacies to enrich their menu and change the routine, along with the techniques, ingredients and materials needed to make it.
  • A programmer or designer has access to millions of lines of codes, tutorials and programs that will make their product a much better product and in turn advance technology.
  • Technology which in term will retroactively become part of the cycle and some day maybe take us where no one has gone before.

What is next... only time will tell and probably their business plan too :) I'll just say I wish I had the money to invest when I saw their stocks at $37 way back then, I wanted to, I saw their potential... such is life.


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