Team Docusign Training

This is a short form training I gave to a small group of teammates that are going to be working with the Docusign service we use at our institution. The training was quick and to the point and it focused on how to upload, edit and send documents using the platform. I also added some best practices and at the end I stayed with the managers so to explain and Identify the different challenges they will be facing when sharing the service among some related departments that will be providing service to our students.

As to why am I dressed preety... well I take pride in giving a good training and it helps give the message that this is serious business and it merits dressing-up for it. Plus I make this look good :)

Some numbers taken from the evaluation charts. I do wish some of the people that couldn't come did come... most of them really needed it.

Oh well... it probably means I'll have to eventually give another one.


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