Some works while at

Here I'll be adding some of the work I've finished while at

I'm working in the interactive department as their web architect. Amount the responsibilities I have of maintaining the web applications and sites I have to develop new site scripts, some interactive applications and, in some cases games.

WBC webpage project for

  • Made a wordpress theme template modifications.
  • Added some external data integrations (json and xml)
  • Kept the site up and running with the most recent data until the WBC 2017 ended.
  • Made some modifications so that those interested could see the historical data.
  • Managed the site and the implemented widgets so that they adjusted to the responsive layout.

Several scripts integrations

  • I managed to integrate several scripts that were needed into the main website design. 
  • Custom script solutions were created and implemented into the site so that they worked with Its overall look.
  • I also took some ideas and scripting I've developed over the years and integrated them into some of the main site's areas so that we can custom change backgrounds or call special elements into view that were previously "impossible" to accomplish.
  • There has been changes made to the overall look and feel of the site. 

Mobile web

  • Adjusted the old mobile site and implemented the new design provided by the designer.
  • Included new features that were previously unavailable.
  • Created a weather widget that takes the data from the provides xml weather data as needed.
  • Implemented a solution to sort some specific content and display only the desired amount of items,
  • Included special views for live events and live audience participation. (these features were made on the main site and included on the mobile version as they were not previously available in either version)
  • This site is actively being maintained.

Trullas de Wapa

This project was especially painful to make in my case. There was a short development time period and a lot of content to be included, coordinated, synchronized and optimized. The object of this is an application which lets a user take a picture of his/her face after choosing the character's gender. Then they choose their preferred program from a menu and there is an avatar created with their face which is in turn placed on a scene with the crew from the chosen program. They are singing a "bomba" and dancing to music. The end result is an animated post card they can share on Facebook or twitter. The animated final post card also re-directs whoever is viewing it and clicks on the "make one" button back to the creating site. I'm happy with the final product although I'm not happy that there was so much work put into something that was not advertised as much as it could have. Such is life.

Noticentro América press release webpage.
This webpage had to be somewhat responsive and adapt to a mobile format. Includes video a small gallery and some document. It also contains a small form and a switch link from Spanish to English which swaps English and Spanish content of the webpage. I didn't make the graphic design however I translated it to the actual webpage and made the webpage keep the overall design trough it's responsiveness. I regard this web page as quite a feat because it had to be made in record time with little or no data to use all the way up til the very last minute in which  I had to add all the actual text into it.

Basketball Challenge game /app:
This game app has proven challenging but with the research I did for the christmas postcard app and some of the plugins I used the process of setting it up was a bit more streightforward. I had to do some last minute changes to the final layout, fonts and details but the whole thing was done and working on time. The art and design was made by the team designer. I did the backend programming and webapp setup and funcionality.

  • Uses Parse to create and maintain user accounts and data.
  • Gathers user basic information.
  • Can share on facebook your high score.
  • It updates the user score if higher than previous.
  • Has a leaderboard.

Scripting and modifications:

  • Developed a script for the galleries template so when the a client hosts a specific gallery we can place their logo in a cool background thus branding that particular gallery.
  • Did the same for the programs template this way they can be branded and we can even add a poll for each program without making a separate page for eah program. I'm trying to keep things as simple as i can and as reusable as possible.

Miscellaneous work:

There was many miscellaneous images, sliders, banners, transnationals, that had to be created. We are a skeleton crew so I had to perform such tasks in many occasions Which is good since it serves as a respite from all the scripting and coding which at times tends to become tedious. This also helps take the mind of the code and rest so when you hit the code again you may have a different solution to a previous issue that you didn't think of before.


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